My Favorite Aldi Finds

My Favorite Aldi Finds

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am obsessed with Aldi. Not only do I love saving money, but I love all of the new products they come out with. I really think I should be a spokesperson for them because I talk about it CONSTANTLY. lol. Anyways, I thought I would hop on here and share some of my favorite finds for you. 

First up is this unsweeted Blueberry applesauce! I’m not huge on applesauce but this stuff is SO good. It’s unsweetened so there is no added sugar. Anytime I’m craving something sweet this is my go-to snack!

Next up are these Salsa flavored tortilla chips! Okay… so they aren’t healthy, but they are delicious. If you like mexican food or anything spicy, you MUST try these!! I am addicted. Unfortunately, they are seasonal so you have to stock up while you can. Highly recommend.

In case you haven’t noticed, Mexican food is my favorite. I’m a mom and work full time, so anything that is convenient for lunch is ideal. I’m not huge on frozen meals because they are packed full of sodium and unnecessary junk. With that being said, these are the closest thing I’ve found to a healthy frozen meal option. IT IS SO GOOD. Packed with protein and healthy ingredients, too! Warning– it’s hella spicy. 

Listen Linda… Listen very closely. If you love Chick Fil-A as much as I do, you HAVE to buy this chicken! It’s basically the closest thing you’ll find to a Chick Fil-A sandwich at home. Throw them in the air fryer and WOW. It’s hard to find because everyone is obsessed with it as well. So I highly recommend grabbing a few bags if they are available! Trust me on this one.

Anytime we have a cook-out or have burgers, we use these buns! They taste like they are from a restaurant! PS- These go really really well with the chick-fil a chicken I mentioned above! 😉

These are just a handful of my favorite products they offer! In addition to the yummy food, they have the best “Aisle of Shame” products! Each week is something new and fun. Starting with candles, cooking items, kids stuff, you name it! Moral of the story, go check out Aldi’s. That’s it.

Bailey Enlow